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It is a long-term issue between the increasing London population and limited land sources, with the failure of the first two strategies (The New Town Movement and high-rise apartment), the population in London hits 8.6m in 2015, besides, the gentrification and investment purchasing are threating the society in a way. Most of the ordinary people are struggling to live in London, it is urgent to introduce a new architectural mode to relieve the population. The castle in the sky is a project designed to explore the living space vertically and also try to find a new balance between heritage preservation and city expansion. Apart from that, a new concept, room box, will be introduced, space function is no longer an abstract object, it instead becomes a product occupants can replace and change. Based on that, four different typologies house skins will be explored – co-living, typical family house, archive space and garden. Additionally, there will be various strategies applied to the house skins, such as solar energy harvesting and rainwater harvesting systems. (see the full presentation)

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