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Tilbury Dock as part of the culture element in the UK opened for business. The location of the dock system on the Thames and the size of the basins meant that Tilbury was a very attractive dock to use. Grain ships of 50,000 tons were regularly unloading at Tilbury during the 1930s. There were also the usual lighters and barges, ready to transfer the goods into the city. In contrast to other docks in London, the luxury liner trade used Tilbury Docks. Passengers embarked and disembarked at Tilbury, making use of the good rail links and staying at the local hotels. However, for now the segregation situation makes people pay less attention to the dock, besides, a physical barrier stops people to explore the Tilbury dock, the Tilbury Dock culture is going to the end. Tilbury dock museum is designed to bring people back to the dock, encourage people to explore the dock and save the dock culture since the current dock is enclosed by a physical barrier. At the same time, this museum is designed to fill the gap between the industrial and residential realm.

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